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Where better to learn Spanish then in Spain.

Spanish Language Classes

Practice your basic Spanish skills or improve them in real world situations.

All Spanish Language Classes include:
City and class specific activities including walking tours in Madrid, Segovia, Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Toledo, and Barcelona. Visit to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (Real Madrid CF) (Madrid); Visit to Barrio de las Letras (Literary Quarter) (Madrid); Tapas tasting (Madrid); Day Trip to Escorial; Visit to Albayzin Quarter (Granada); Tapas tasting (Granada); Flamenco Show (Seville); Visit to Camp Nou - FC Barcelona (Barcelona); A Spanish cooking class (Paella and Sangria) (Barcelona).

Spanish for the Professions (SP 225)
Focuses on the specific language needs of students according to their areas of study, including health care, business, education and hospitality. Spanish for the Professions is a compact Spanish language course that will focus on the key points of communication.
Elementary Spanish I (SP 101) 
For students who have studied little or no Spanish before. Introduces the foundational elements of the Spanish language, with a focus on the acquisition of basic communicative skills (speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing) as well as knowledge of Spanish culture.
Intermediate Spanish I (SP 201)
Emphasis is on communicative and interactional competence in Spanish by increasing grammatical proficiency, vocabulary knowledge, and conversational skills. Students will expand their knowledge of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures by working with authentic texts and audio-visual materials, and through the production of compositions and oral presentations.
Intermediate Spanish II (SP 202)
A continuation of SP201 and builds on previously acquired linguistic and cultural knowledge. Advanced grammatical structures (subjunctive, perfect tenses, etc.) will be addressed. Topics connected to the Spanish-speaking world are examined via a variety of authentic Spanish-language media and readings. Emphasis placed on good command of grammar and sentence structure, as well as on communicative and interactional competence (e.g., oral production and listening comprehension skills).
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