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Voyager Study Abroad (VSA) is an expert in the design and delivery of your classes abroad. We partner with educators and institutions to provide multi-country and multi-city programs designed to enhance the delivery of academic programs abroad. We collaborate with professors and schools to provide a study abroad experience that meets institutional demands for academic rigor while providing a life-changing experience for your students. All our programs include an unrivaled cultural immersion experience, so students return from VSA programs with a better understanding of the art, history and culture of Europe.


There are many ways that you or your institution can collaborate with VSA. Our mission is to ensure that any collaboration is mutually beneficial to all partners and a rewarding experience for students.

  • Your students can join us on one of our existing Voyager Europe and/or Voyager Spain programs.
  • Modification of pre-designed program (destinations and/or activities) to better suit your needs.
  • Collaborate to design a customized program appropriate for your students.
  • Use your curriculum and classes or ours in any of the above options.
  • Assistance in marketing and recruitment efforts or providing onsite staffing based on your needs.


If your students join us on a pre-designed program using an existing itinerary and our classes, we will reward you or your school with a referral fee. If there are enough students, we can modify our itinerary and/or curriculum to better meet your students’ needs. Either way, you will receive a referral fee and be assured that your students will have the educational and cultural immersion experience of a lifetime.


We will affiliate with you or your university to deliver the perfect program for a group or groups of your students. We will partner with you or your school to provide a distinctive learning experience abroad using an existing itinerary and our classes or collaborate with you to customize a program that satisfies your students’ specific educational requirements. In this arrangement, we will negotiate an affiliate agreement or pay a per student fee.


We will partner with you to provide customized study abroad to a group of your students. You can experience the program with your students as a group leader or professor. We will partner you with you to provide the necessary support or can manage and teach the program for you. In this collaboration we will negotiate a mutually beneficial revenue sharing plan.

Why VSA?

If you need inspiration from our study abroad professionals or if you already have your own ideas, we can collaborate to deliver the perfect study abroad. You can use our existing curriculum or integrate your curriculum into one of our pre-designed itineraries or design, with our assistance, a customized itinerary that is perfectly suited to your needs.

From designing the perfect itinerary, selecting classes, booking accommodations and transportation, selecting class-enhancing and city-specific activities, arranging professional and cultural visits, marketing and recruitment efforts, providing experienced on-the-ground support, we can help you every step of the way.

Contact us at or call us (786) 412-9719 to discover the benefits of partnering with VSA.

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